Xiaomi Presented Smart Electric Bed with Voice Control

Xiaomi Presented Smart Electric Bed with Voice Control

Xiaomi, together with its partner 8H, launched the Find Smart Electric Bed innovation with a voice control that combines comfort and advanced technologies.

Find Smart Electric Bed is equipped with seven modes controlled by smartphone, Xiao Ai voice assistant or remote control. From anti-snoring to relaxation, the bed is adapted to different situations, giving users a unique experience.

The angle of inclination of the back and legs can be adjusted in the range from 60° to 40°, providing optimal comfort in any mode.

The intelligent lighting system located under the bed, which functions as a night light and can be configured using a smartphone, deserves special attention.

The Find Smart Electric Bed is available in two sizes – 1.5 m and 1.8 m, with a choice of a latex, memory foam or standard mattress. The cost varies from $395 to $840 depending on the selected parameters.

It is the perfect combination of style, comfort and advanced technology that will ensure the best sleep for every user.

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By Madi

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