Steam now Supports PlayStation 5 and 4 Controllers

Steam now Supports PlayStation 5 and 4 Controllers

Steam has brought exciting news to the millions of gamers on its platform: the complete integration of PlayStation 5 and 4 controllers.

This update makes life easier for players who prefer the experience with these controllers, eliminating the need for adaptations or the purchase of additional commands.

Steam users had easy access to Xbox controllers for years, but the story was different for PlayStation fans. Steam’s latest update officially supports DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers, allowing for a more fluid and integrated gaming experience.

The new interface, focused on controller compatibility, makes finding games that support PlayStation controllers simple.

Each game page on the Steam store now clearly shows whether the game supports full or partial controller support, allowing users to make informed choices before purchasing.

The Steam Input API has been expanded to encompass over 200 commands, ensuring players a wide range of options.

Adding this support is a big step for Steam, opening the door to a more familiar and comfortable gaming experience for PlayStation console owners.

While many PC gamers prefer the traditional keyboard and mouse, using a familiar controller can be a big draw, especially for games designed with console gameplay in mind.

This update is a testament to Steam’s continued commitment to improving the gaming experience for all its users, regardless of their hardware preference.

With this new feature, the platform reinforces its position as a leader in the PC gaming market, offering an increasingly personalized and accessible experience to a broader audience.

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