How to create a folder in Google Drive

How to create a folder in Google Drive

It is essential to structure your cloud storage space efficiently and efficiently. Good organization will help you improve your productivity and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by documents. We have compiled a guide to help you quickly master creating folders in Google Drive.

Organize your files in Google Drive

You may not know it, but Google Drive has many advanced features that allow you to organize your online storage space. For example, you can sort files in several ways or create folders.

These devices greatly facilitate the organization of digital documents. There is no need to waste long minutes searching for a file in a pile of data. You know exactly where your files are located (reports, photos, projects, etc.). This will reduce your stress while increasing your efficiency at work.

The tree structure of your cloud space

To begin, draw the tree structure of your storage space on a white sheet. Create only a few hierarchy levels; you then avoid getting lost in the subfolders.

Choose a clear and intuitive structure with general categories. Also, make sure that each folder has an easily identifiable name. Avoid names that are too vague or too generic. This will make it easier to find the content you are looking for.

Create your first folder in Google Drive.

Developing an intuitive filing system requires a minimum of work. Feel free to spend a lot of time on it. This will save you a lot of hassle later. Once this step has been validated, we can move on to the organization of your files.

  • Open the Google Drive app on your smartphone
  • Click on the big blue (+) button placed in the lower right corner
  • Select the Folder option from the new menu
  • Give your new directory a name. Make sure it reflects the type of documents it will contain

As explained earlier, it’s essential to identify the types of documents you frequently handle and think about a logical way to group them. Always prioritize practicality over pretty and cute.

Don’t just create files because someone you know works like that. Each filing system should be customized to your specific needs.

Store your files in your folders.

Then, remember to drag the corresponding files there. Select a document by placing your finger on the icon and dragging it into your new directory. If this proves impossible for some reason, know there is another method.

  • Hold down your finger on the file to move
  • Press the Menu button at the top right of the screen and click on the Move option
  • Then select from the list the folder in which you want to place your digital document
  • Press the blue Move button at the bottom of the window

To save time, know that it is possible to perform batch processing. The operation consists of selecting several files at once and then moving them to the same directory. This method is particularly effective when working with a large amount of data.

Personalize your files with a color code.

Many people mistakenly think that customization is just about making the interface prettier. However, the personalization of files goes well beyond the aesthetic side. Assigning distinct colors to your folders will make navigating your storage much more manageable.

  • Press the options button (3 aligned points) placed to the right of the name of your folder to personalize view the list of options by clicking the Google Drive menu button.
  • Select the Other color option.
  • Choose the shade of your choice from the color chart.

Google offers a wide variety of different colors. Be careful not to overdo it, though. For example, there is no need to define a different shade for each of your directories. For example, you can use the same color for each folder belonging to the same category (red for everything relating to family, blue for work, green for leisure, etc.).

Use sorting options to facilitate the organization of your documents in your directories.

By default, Google Drive displays the files in grid form (large icons). This type of presentation is only suitable for some cases, especially if you have many files.

The good news is that the American giant’s cloud storage system offers an alternative to this grid presentation mode. This is the list view. To activate it, click on the small icon to the left of the Name label.

Then, select the sorting type you prefer. You will thus be able to classify your files by name, date of last modification, date of creation, date of opening, or even by size. With list view, you’re sure to find your file in seconds. An important detail is that you can also access your Google Drive from your television.

Finally, the last important point is that it is needed enough to set up a beautiful tree structure. It is essential to ensure that it is maintained in its initial state. Ensure you regularly file your new files and documents into the appropriate folders.

Do not postpone this task. This will avoid creating a mess. Also, make a habit of reviewing your Google Drive folders. Depending on your needs, your storage tree may need a slight restructuring. Now that you know how to create folders, this should be manageable.

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