Google Maps New Color Scheme in Android App

Google Maps New Color Scheme in Android App

The design of Google Maps has undergone a significant change with a recent update. The new update attracted criticism for using colder and unrealistic colors.

Among these criticisms, there were also opinions that the change in the color palette may have been made by artificial intelligence. Now, Google has also started to implement this new design for Android Auto.

In the new design of Google Maps, cooler tones are used instead of the usual warm colors. For example, shades of green representing parks and forests are now mint, and roads have been changed to grey.

Although this design change is a step towards improving usability, it may take some time for users to get used to the new color palette.

The new design is available for Android Auto in cars and phones. Observed on Android and iOS devices, this change showcases the cool color palette throughout the map and much of the UI.

Details such as the blue navigation line and the colors of the direction card at the top of the user interface have also been changed in the new design.

This design update aims to modernize the user experience of Google Maps. However, the impact these changes in the color palette will have on the readability and understandability of the information presented to users will become more apparent over time.

With these innovations, Google is expected to be open to user feedback and make additional improvements to the design if necessary.

These updates are considered one of the essential steps that will enable Google Maps to better adapt to user needs and appeal to a broader user base.

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