Google Chrome and Calendar Will Stop Working on Old Devices

Google Chrome and Calendar Will Stop Working on Old Devices

Google will soon stop supporting its Calendar and Chrome apps on some older versions of Android below 8.0 Android version.

Android 14 is the current version of the mobile system, but as has been the case for a long time, the version installed on most active devices is somewhat behind it. Android 11 is currently the most common.

Older versions of Android often continue to receive updates to apps and even features over the years, but eventually, things have to come to an end.

Over time, Google will stop supporting older versions of the platform in its core applications, which will soon happen with Google Chrome as well. The default browser on most Android smartphones will raise its minimum OS requirements to Android 8.0 with the release of Chrome 120 in early 2024. Google confirmed this on a support page earlier this month.

The latest version of Chrome that supports Android Nougat is Chrome 119, and it contains a message for affected users to update their operating system. Chrome 120 will not be supported or delivered to Android Nougat users.

As of late November, the current version of Chrome for Android is version 119, which means we’re running the latest version supported for devices running Android 7.1 and older.

Similarly, TheSpAndroid found evidence in recent versions of Google Calendar for Android that show a new in-app notification that will appear for users on older versions of Android. On devices running Android 7.1 Nougat and below, the message will read:

Your current version of Android is no longer supported. Please update your operating system to continue using Google Calendar.

The minimum version for Google Calendar for Android is now also Android 8.0, starting with version 2023-46-0-581792699, which is not yet widely distributed.

Unfortunately, in both cases, having an outdated version of Android to this extent most likely just means that a newer version isn’t available because the manufacturer has discontinued it. In other words, it will require users to buy a new device, which is probably a good idea from a security perspective, or take more drastic measures with custom software builds like LineageOS.

But still, it shouldn’t affect the vast majority of Android users. As of June 2023, Android 7.1 accounted for only 3% of active devices, while older versions accounted for less than 5%.

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