Eternal Fire Loses in ESL Challenger Jönköping 2023 Final

Eternal Fire Loses in ESL Challenger Jönköping 2023 Final

Eternal Fire, one of the most essential Counter Strike esports teams in the world, is very close to winning its first major tournament after switching from CS:GO to CS 2. Our representative, who finished the group stage in 2nd place and showed a successful performance in the play offs, advanced to the semi-final and final series of the tournament yesterday.

Eternal Fire, which was successful in the semi-finals, lost in the ESL Challenger Jönköping 2023 final. With this result, while our team did not have the chance to get the ESL Pro League Season 19 ticket, they received 20 thousand dollars as the second prize.

Eternal Fire Loses in ESL Challenger Jönköping 2023 Final

ESL Challenger DreamHack Winter 2023 (ESL Challenger Jönköping 2023) with a prize pool of 100 thousand dollars has ended. The 3-day tournament started on Friday and was completed on Sunday evening (yesterday). Our representative Eternal Fire came 2nd in the tournament where 8 teams participated and competed in 2 groups of 4 each.

Our representative , who finished its group in 2nd place and reached the semi-finals and defeated its rival MIBR 2-1 in the semi-final , succeeded in advancing to the grand final, became Monte’s opponent in the final. The competitive matches of the semi-final match ended with the following scores according to the maps:

Vertigo: 16-13

Anubis: 10-13

Mirage: 22-19

Especially the last match of the series witnessed great excitement as it went into overtime. Our opponent succeeded in advancing to the final by playing the last moments of the match well. The final was held with Monte on Sunday evening . Although our team showed resistance against Monte, they were unsuccessful and came in second in the tournament, losing 2-0. The scores in the final were as follows on a map basis:

Vertigo: 10-13

Anubis: 16-19

Although it was pretty annoying that the second match of the series went to overtime and our representative lost to its opponent there, the 20 thousand dollars prize money received was a consolation prize. While Monte, who closed the tournament as champion, won the ESL Pro League Season 19 ticket, our representative lost this chance (specifically for the tournament). Of course, there is still the possibility that our representative will go to ESL Pro League Season 19 via ESL World Ranking.

Performances of Wicadia and Xantares were appreciated!

Wicadia and Xantares especially stood out in our team, which generally performed well in the tournament. While Eternal Fire’s rising trend in CS2 continued with this tournament, it could not break its misfortune of not winning in the finals.

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