ChatGPT Voice Response Feature is Available for Everyone

ChatGPT Voice Response Feature is Available for Everyone

OpenAI has started offering the voice response feature of the ChatGPT application free of charge for all users.

This innovation allows users to communicate by voice with ChatGPT and receive voice responses by tapping the headset icon in the mobile application.

OpenAI introduced this feature in September but initially made it available only to paid users. Now, it is open to all users, starting a new era in artificial intelligence-based communication.

This development comes amid the sudden dismissal of the company’s CEO and ongoing complex negotiations for his return.

This company step aims to spread artificial intelligence to a broader audience. OpenAI’s announcement on X (formerly Twitter) also shared an example of how this feature will change the user experience.

In this example, a user asks ChatGPT how much pizza to order for the team after a long night. This is considered a humorous reference to the company’s internal state, as it is approximately the same as OpenAI’s headcount.

Following the dismissal of Sam Altman, OpenAI’s co-founder and CEO, these changes within the company and Altman’s potential return are attracting significant attention in the technology world.

Although Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella invited Altman and his team to form a new division at the tech giant, Altman ultimately agreed to return to OpenAI.

Former OpenAI president Greg Brockman also resigned following Altman’s dismissal. Reposting OpenAI’s announcement on X, he said, “Try it – it completely changes the ChatGPT experience.” The news of Brockman’s return to OpenAI received vast repercussions in technology.

OpenAI’s move to bring ChatGPT voice response to the mobile app further expands the use of AI-based communication tools and shows how users can integrate this technology into their daily lives.

The launch of ChatGPT’s voice response feature for general use increases the accessibility of artificial intelligence technologies and proves that innovations in this field continue unabated.

This development is considered an important milestone for the future of artificial intelligence and communication technologies.

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