Best Trussardi Perfumes and Fragrances

Best Trussardi Perfumes and Fragrances

Simple, natural, and dynamic, the Italian brand TRUSSARDI boasts a century of history and the most loyal fans. Having tried the Best Trussardi Perfume once, you never want to change it. In this article, we want to discuss the Italian fashion house Trussardi and the fragrances this brand has released since 1980.

All Trussardi perfumes are designed in a classic style and continue the leather theme started by the brand itself. The tiniest skin tones in the perfume compositions gently set off the main chypre sound and merge with woody notes, creating an exciting, masculine, and sensual aroma.

10 Best Trussardi Perfumes For That Define Luxury


Trussardi Donna Eau de Toilette

Trussardi Donna: Best Perfume for Women

Donna Trussardi is the true embodiment of femininity in traditional Italian style! Elegance and noble manners, cheerful disposition and explosive temperament, ostentatious frivolity and hidden tenderness – this is the image of a woman, which the fashion house Trussardi “draws” her.

Sensual and sexy, this fatal and even fatal lady enchants with her beauty, drives you crazy, and falls in love with you at first sight. Trussardi Donna is a classic of the Italian perfume tradition. This wonderful fragrance bears the recognizable features of beautiful Italy. Spirits are filled with the sun and radiate nobility and cheerful temperament.

The fragrance contains the secret of the magnetic attraction of Italian women. This exquisite perfume’s composition captivates from the first notes: mandarin orange is combined with floral hints of hyacinth, ginger, and coriander to form a sweet, passionate duet.

The noble floral heart “rings” with notes of ylang-ylang, rose, and tuberose, flavored with cloves. A soft trail envelops the warmth of cedar, patchouli, incense, and benzoin.

Brand: Trussardi

Country of origin: France, Italy

Gender: Women

Release year: 2011

Notes: yuzu, fruits, lotus, lemon, orange blossom, patchouli, vanilla, jasmine

Trussardi By Trussardi Eau De Toilette

Trussardi By Trussardi Eau De Toilette: Best Perfume for Men

The fragrance, released in 2004, can be attributed to the young; it is very energetic and feels hidden strength and confidence. Trussardi Jeans have no undertones; it is a 100% masculine fragrance, the main notes of which can be classified as woody; it was created specifically for men with an active lifestyle, whose energy overflows and finds use for itself.

Everything here is subtly thought out; even the Trussardi Jeans bottle has a special design that resembles a jeans pocket decorated in blue denim tones. Musk gives this smell exactly that note of a true woody masculine scent. The trail of this fragrance is unique; it is impossible not to feel it.

Spirits of this kind are either loved or hated, but the fact that they will not leave anyone indifferent can be confidently asserted. Therefore, men who want to be in the spotlight and lead an active lifestyle should opt for the Trussardi Jeans fragrance.

Brand: Trussardi

Country of origin: France, Italy

Gender: Men

Release year: 2004

Notes: fig leaves, ripe blackcurrant, spicy rosemary, cedar, vetiver

Trussardi Delicate Rose Eau de Toilette

Trussardi Delicate Rose: Best For Her

Trussardi Delicate Rose is a delicate bouquet of emotions accompanying grace and femininity. Modern, sophisticated, and sensual, this fragrance conveys a romantic mood accentuated by soft pink light reflections.

Femininity and tenderness are the guiding stars of this fragrance. Preciourose petals and jasmine note e notes form a floral harmony with the transparent lotus flower. The crisp apple edges add spontaneity and recognizable character to the fragrance.

Brand: Trussardi

Country of origin: France, Italy

Gender: Women

Release year: 2012

Perfumer: Nathalie Lorson

Notes: yuzu, sandalwood, bamboo, lotus, cedar, kumquat, jasmine, apple, rose, musk

Trussardi A Way Eau de Toilette

Trussardi A Way Eau: Best Fragrance for Ladies

A Way for Her is one oTrussardi’sTrussardi’s pairing fragrances launched in 20. The fragrances are grouped into the “A Way” series, designed for a young couple in love. Created by Lucas Suzak and David Apel, the women’s fragrance of the series is a delicate fruity-floral fragrance that starts with fresh notes of bergamot, subtle, creamy notes of white tea, and luxurious, velvety accords of ripe peach.

In the center of the fragrance is a luxurious bouquet of soothing, harmonious accords of exotic frangipani, tender, passionate jasmine, and gentle, enveloping tuberose. The aromatic composition rests on a base of woody-moist notes of vetiver, slightly tingling notes of the ambroxan molecule, creamy-woody notes of sandalwood, delicate, sweet vanilla, and the lightest, the barely perceptible aroma of musk.

Brand: Trussardi

Country of origin: France, Italy

Gender: Women

Release year: 2014

Perfumers: David Apel, Lucas Sieuzac

Notes: sandalwood, peach, vanilla, jasmine, bergamot, vetiver, ambroxan, white musk tea, tuberose, frangipani

Trussardi Uomo Eau de Toilette

Trussardi Uomo Eau de Toilette: Best Perfume for him

This elegant fragrance, launched in 1983, is dedicated to the self-confident, modern man. It is as if shrouded in mystery, a mystery of the author’s genuine skill, a truly masculine noble fragrance. A perfume composition that plays with the outside world with chords of strict lavender, stylish juniper, spicy basil, cumin, and marjoram, flavored with notes of fresh bergamot, gradually approaching and revealing in the heart notes of sweet cinnamon, and honey, delicate rose and carnation in combination with noble cedar and vetiver.

Ultimately, it envelops with notes of luxurious leather, tart musk, and oakmoss, completing its procession with tonka bean, sensual patchouli, and labdanum chords. The stylish bottle of Trussardi Uomo, trimmed with elegant black leather, with an image of the symbol of the Trussardi house – a greyhound dog, thin and fast, symbolizing dynamics and crowned with a gold cap, emphasizes its individuality and originality.

Brand: Trussardi

Country of origin: France, Italy

Gender: Men

Release year: 2011

Perfumer: Aurelien Guichard

Notes: geranium, oakmoss, sage, nutmeg, lemon juice, patchouli, bergamot, violet, leather

Trussardi Sound of Donna Eau de Toilette

Sound of Donna Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

In the diverse world of perfumery, the premiere of the fragrance from the Trussardi trademark took place – this is Sound of Donna. The perfume has become a long-awaited continuation of the famous Donna line.

The presented perfumery sophistication is endowed with completely different emotions and a look at the things around us. This is a masterpiece created by the master Emily Copperman. This unique floral-fruity scent will give life a completely new intonation.

Brand: Trussardi

Country of origin: France, Italy

Gender: Women

Release year: 2018

Perfumer: Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann

Notes: almond, sandalwood, tuberose, chestnut, mandarin, patchouli, heliotrope, rose, whipped cream, magnolia

Trussardi Donna Levriero Collection Eau De Toilette

Levriero Collection EDT For Women

The Italian fashion house Trussardi has added a duet of fragrances to its Trussardi Donna perfume series. The talented perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Aurelien Guichard worked to create these delights, embodying the best qualities of men and women.

The feminine composition Donna Levriero Collection has joined the family of woody aromatics and will give its wearer a fountain of real sincere emotionsYoYou will emphasize your unique, impeccable style through emphasize your unique, impeccable style through there of a bright, light, gentle, and noble soul.

Brand: Trussardi

Country of origin: France, Italy

Gender: Women

Release year: 2019

Notes: sandalwood, yuzu, osmanthus, water fruits, water lily, citron, orange blossom, patchouli, jasmine tea, cedar

8. Trussardi Riflesso Eau de Toilette

Riflesso Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

The men’s fragrance Trussardi Riflesso from the famous Italian fashion house harmoniously fits into the perfume collection. From the first days of sales, the fragrance managed to conquer the demanding male audience.

The wood base combined with mysterious oriental accents makes its owners elegant and refined. But, at the same time, even one drop of perfume can reveal masculinity and sexuality in the representative of the stronger sex. From the first notes in the aroma, you can feel the freshness.

The combination of grapefruit, bergamot, and green apple has a tonic effect and turns a sleeping, relaxed lion into a gambling hunter. At the same time, the king of animals remains elegant and graceful due to the presence of tart nutmeg in the composition’s heart and a bouquet of delicate lavender and fragrant violet.

Brand: Trussardi

Country of origin: France, Italy

Gender: Men

Release year: 2017

Notes: geranium, tonka bean, lavender, bergamot, apple, vetiver, grapefruit, leather, violet leaves

Trussardi The Black Rose Eau de Parfum

The Black Rose Unisex Eau de Parfum Spray

An incredible bouquet of Middle Eastern roses is given to lovely women by the Trussardi brand – this is The Black Rose fragrance with an amazing, velvety-spicy, thick and rich sound with his creation, the talented perfumer Alberto Morill wanted to give you vitality and help you forget about the gray routine of everyday life, which is why Trussardi The Black Rose is composed of the piquancy of pepper, the seductiveness of patchouli, the lightness of roses and musky-amber warmth. This fragrance will emphasize your individuality and charm and add more expressiveness to your image.

Brand: Trussardi

Country of origin: France, Italy

Gender: Unisex

Release year: 2017

Notes: patchouli, rose, amber accord, pink pepper (red berries), vanilla accord, musk

Trussardi Python Eau de Toilette

Python Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

The House of Trussardi’s passion for fine and delicate leather goods is embodied in the exotic and provocative duo Python, which has something mesmerizing and mystical about it. Python for women is the image of a bright and sexy woman, an urban “predator” or a beautiful savage who is insidious and dangerous and therefore seems even more attractive and unusual!

Her jewelry is exquisite and luxurious, her style is elegance with a touch of defiance and eroticism, and the aroma of her perfume is exciting and magical! Composition: tangerine, bergamot, nutmeg, jasmine, dark chocolate, rose, cardamom, sandalwood, benzoin, vanilla. The fragrance was created in 1999.

Thick, sophisticated perfume. It is combined with elegant outfits in a classic style and discreet accessories. It has good staying power and nice sillage. The sparkling freshness of mandarin in the top note is adjacent to the noble aroma of bergamot.

The “heart” is dominated by feminine rose and jasmine, complemented by a “delicious” note of chocolate and light hints of spices. In the plume of the fragrance – the warmth of vanilla and sandalwood.

Brand: Trussardi

Country of origin: France, Italy

Gender: Women

Release year: 1999

Notes: sandalwood, nutmeg, chocolate, mandarin, cardamom, vanilla, bergamot


Each of the 10 Best Trussardi Perfumes is a work of art with a passionate representation of the spirits. The creators think through everything to the smallest detail, not disregarding the bottle.

About Trussardi Perfumes

An unknown tanner Dante Trussardi from the Italian city of Bergamo 1911, opened a workshop to manufacture and repair leather gloves. His gloves, thanks to high-quality leather processing, soon became a success all over the world.

In the 1960s, Dante Trussardi’s grandson Nicola took over the management and made the family brand even more successful. He expanded the scope of Trussardi to the production of clothing, bags, briefcases, home accessories, etc. Nicola has been designing fashion and accessories, including perfume bottles and packaging.

The owners of Trussardi have been creating fragrances since the early 80s of the twentieth century. The perfumes of this Italian brand stand out for their extraordinary simplicity and naturalness while stylish and elegant.

They were created in collaboration with perfumers Alberto Morillas, Jean Guichard, Nathalie Lorson, Sophie Labbe, Louise Turner, Daphne Bugey, Anne Flipo, Beatrice Piquet, and Aurelien Guichard. The brand’s logo is the profile of a dog of the hound breed, symbolizing dynamics, constant movement forward, and wearing a fancy tie.

The traditions of the brand, combined with concepts such as “sporty luxury,” “modern luxury,” and “urban chic,” create an incredibly sophisticated style in everything. Trussardi’s style can be described in a few words – respectability, elegance, reliability, and quality.

That is why the Fashion House perfume collection is so unusual and interesting, reflecting the main essence of the brand – attention to every detail and constant striving for success.

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