9 Best Polo Cologne For Men

9 Best Polo Cologne For Men

Looking to find the best polo cologne that will leave you smelling fresh and sophisticated all day long? You’ve come to the right place my comprehensive guide to the top polo colognes for men on the market will help you choose the one that suits you.

Whether you’re looking for a classic scent or something more modern and unique, I’ve got you covered. I’ve tested and reviewed dozens of colognes to bring you the ultimate list of the best polo cologne for him available.

So, sit back, relax, and let me help you find the perfect scent to elevate your style and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

9 Best Polo Cologne For Men

1. Ralph Lauren Polo Green – Strong Scent

Polo Green by Ralph Lauren

The Polo Eau De Toilette is a signature scent among many men around the world. Polo by Ralph Lauren was launched in 1978, and this is the first collection of the brand.  

The earthy, spicy, and musky scent of this potent cologne makes it an unquestionably masculine choice. It is therefore recommended that you only apply one or two sprays of Polo EDT each time you wear it.

Since it is such a powerful fragrance. The scent itself is a blend of fresh, woody notes that are both invigorating and masculine.

It opens with top notes of pine, basil, and artemisia, which give way to a heart of spicy coriander and carnation.

The base notes of leather, patchouli, and oakmoss add a warm and inviting finish to this already exceptional fragrance.

Product Information

Opening Notes                     Green and fresh, artemisia, basil and thyme, cumin, coriander

Heart Notes                          Masculine patchouli, oakmoss, and vetiver

Base Notes                           Leather, tobacco, and thyme

Product Dimensions            4 x 5 x 4 inches; 4 Ounces

Item Volume                         118 Milliliters


  • A classic masculine cologne
  • Excellent 8 hours longevity
  • A great choice for most seasons


  • It can be overpowering if applied too much.

2. POLO DEEP BLUE – Perfect For Summer


I like the opening act enough to give it a spot on this list. Yes, it’s quite a bit like Polo Blue EDT and EDP in the later stage, but the sillage for the first few hours is solid.

In most cases, flanker fragrances tend to lose quality as you get too deep into them, but Polo Deep Blue Parfum, which was released in 2020, has proven to be a great addition to the Blue line. 

There is a mango note, as well as a Deep Ocean accord, which gives this fragrance a unique twist. It has a great opening act, since mango (similar to Polo Black) produces a great aroma, and the ocean accords are initially fresh and stimulating.

As time passes, the smell turns more and more ambroxan scent. The fragrance’s mango and geranium notes are sure to attract compliments, but when worn indoors it can be overwhelming.

Product Information

Item Form                                                                         Spray

Item Volume                                                                     150 Milliliters

Age                                                                                   Adult

Item Weight                                                                     1.6 Pounds

Notes                                                                               Ocean, mango, sage, bergamot, geranium


  • Longevity 8 to 12 hours
  • Bright and fresh scent
  • Perfect For Summer


  • Initial notes can be overpowering

3. Ralph Lauren Polo Sport – Best For Daytime

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport

Since its introduction in the 90s, Polo Sport has been a teen spirit favorite. Even today, guys are attracted to its simple, refreshing smell.

As a well-balanced fragrance, it’s both aquatic and floral without being too heavy on either. The lightness of Polo Sport makes it a perfect daytime polo cologne.

As soon as you spritz fresh mint and cucumber on your skin, they open up, but they don’t blow away that quickly. Spicy notes come from ginger, musk, and amber. This perfect summer fragrance has a relative low potency, so it can be used outdoors and indoors.

Product Information

Item Volume                                                                                      27.69 Cubic Inches

Scent                                                                                                  Masculine scent

Top Notes                                                                                           Mint

Base Notes                                                                                         Lavender

Heart Notes                                                                                        Amber


  • Great for summertime
  • Appropriate for indoor and outdoor wear
  • Not overpowering


  • Only 4 to 6 hours longevity

4. Polo Black by Ralph Lauren – Best For Autumn

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

The scent is moderate and masculine, and it is suitable for both day and nighttime use. There is a wonderful fragrance that is subtle yet pleasing. A wide audience may find this Polo cologne to be the best.

Polo Black has a woody, spicy undertone courtesy of mango note, sage, and patchouli. Lemon and tangerine are featured at the top of the order. Tonka bean, iced mango, patchouli noir, spanish sage, silver armoise, and patchouli noir are also included.

I think Black is a better choice than Polo Double Black. This is a flanker fragrance that is obviously a flanker, but the composition is arranged differently. It’s not dark at all, even though it’s called ‘Black’. It’s a fruity scent with a masculine edge that draws compliments well.

Product Information

Item Volume                                                                                                    125 Milliliters

Top Notes                                                                                                        Iced Mango 

Middle Notes                                                                                                  Silver Armoise Oil  

Base Notes                                                                                                      Patchouli Noir

Size                                                                                                                  3.5, 4.2 oz


  • Not overpowering
  • Doesn’t stain clothing
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t Last long

5. Ralph Lauren POLO RED EXTREME – Best Long Lasting


As one of the newest polo scents, Red Extreme comes out in 2017, making it a great scent for cooler months. Unlike Ralph Lauren Polo Red, it is darker and more developed, reminiscent of Chex Mix Bold.

It has a moody intensity and lingers for a long time. It lasts for at least 9 hours and is the longest-lasting scent in polo.

This scent doesn’t smell heavy or strong. It opens with vibrant notes of blood orange, with black coffee essence invigorating. Ebony wood provides a wintry excitement infused with booziness.

Polo Red Extreme has all of these attributes, giving it an active vibe. As opposed to the steady, grounding appeal of typical winter scents, this one tantalizes.

It’s for the guy who doesn’t want to appear so straightforward. Compared to the previous version, this one is darker and less fruity. With blood orange, there is a distinctive smokiness, along with a familiar coffee note. Sweet, rich, and masculine.

Product Information

Item volume                                                                                                      125 Millilitres

Scent                                                                                                                 Oriental

Special feature                                                                                                  Travel Size

Top Notes                                                                                                         Blood Orange

Middle Notes                                                                                                   Black Coffee Essence

Base notes                                                                                                       Ebony Wood

Size                                                                                                                  4.2 oz


  • Not overpowering
  • Great longevity
  • Superb sillage


  • Not for summer

6. Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Leather – Best For Winters

Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Leather

I’ve found Supreme Leather to be a crowd-pleaser because it’s elegant and simple without becoming boring.

As opposed to other leather-inspired fragrances, Supreme Leather smells luxurious and refined.

Tonka, honey, and cardamom balance the leather’s presence in the fragrance, along with nutmeg, saffron, and nutmeg oil to keep it from being too aggressive. 

I like to compare Supreme Leather to my two favorite Tom Ford colognes, Ombre Leather and Tobacco Vanille. Supreme Leather is the fragrance for those who want a leather scent that isn’t aggressive or docile.

The projection and longevity of this fragrance is almost absurd. I get compliments even when I spray it the previous day on my clothes. This is almost absurd in terms of projection and longevity.

Product Information

Item Form                                                                                                     Spray

Item Volume                                                                                                 4 Fluid Ounces

Top Notes                                                                                                     Cardamom and Nutmeg

Middle Notes                                                                                                Saffron and Leather

Base Notes                                                                                                    Tonka Bean and Honey


  • Long-lasting
  • Strong performance
  • Suitable for a wide range of occasions


  • Expensive

7. Ralph Lauren Supreme Cashmere – Best Sweet Scent   

Ralph Lauren Supreme Cashmere


The scent is reminiscent of cashmere and oud, with a musky woodiness adding some necessary bite to the sweetness of incense.

The cologne prioritizes grace and poise over brute strength, making it not the most masculine I’ve ever encountered. The Supreme Cashmere isn’t an aggressively masculine scent, but it has enough grounding in deep musk to keep it from drifting too far into femininity.

People compare it to Creed Aventus, but I have trouble connecting the two. Supreme Cashmere is more like a dialed-back Royal Oud when it comes to longevity.

The projection is not the strongest, but the longevity is 7/8 hours. The cold doesn’t seem to cut through it well, so spring or fall are the best seasons to wear it.

Product Information

Item Volume                                                                                      125 Milliliters

Item Weight                                                                                       4.5 Grams

Top Notes                                                                                          Bergamot and Cardamom

Middle Notes                                                                                     Myrrh and Incense

Base Notes                                                                                         Cashmere and Agarwood


  • Versatile
  • Subtle masculinity
  • Long lasting
  • Light


  • Not suitable for strong scent lover

8. Polo Red by Ralph Lauren – Perfect For Night

Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

The fragrance is described as having top notes of grapefruit, cranberry, and Italian lemon, middle notes of red sage and saffron, and base notes of amber, coffee, and cedarwood.

Upon first application, I was immediately struck by the strong and spicy scent, which was definitely bold and masculine.

It was a little overwhelming at first, but as the fragrance settled, it became more balanced and enjoyable. The middle notes of red sage and saffron were prominent, giving the fragrance a warm and spicy feel.

The fragrance lasted all day without fading, and I received several compliments on it throughout the day. Women seem to find it quite seductive and classy, and the sweetness appeals to them quite well.

Product Information

Item Volume                                                                                  125 Milliliters

Scent                                                                                             Fresh

Top Notes                                                                                     Cranberry, Grapefruit, and Lemon

Middle Notes                                                                               Sage and Saffron

Base Notes                                                                                  Coffee, Amber, and Woodsy Notes


  • Bold and masculine scent
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile


  • Overpowering at first

9. Ralph Lauren Safari –  Perfect For All Season

Ralph Lauren Safari

One of the things that make Ralph Lauren Safari stand out is its fresh and clean scent, which is composed of notes of lavender, lemon, and oakmoss. This fragrance is perfect for those who prefer a light and refreshing scent that is not overpowering.

If you’re looking for a premium fragrance that has excellent staying power, Ralph Lauren Safari is definitely worth considering. This fragrance is long-lasting and can stay on the skin for hours without fading.

While Ralph Lauren Safari was first introduced in 1992, it is still a popular choice among fragrance enthusiasts. However, it may not appeal to younger ones.

Product Information

Item Volume                                                                         4.2 Fluid Ounces

Top Notes                                                                             Lavender, Bergamot, Coriander, Lemon

Middle Notes                                                                        Carnation, Cinnamon, tarragon, rose

Base Notes                                                                            Leather, musk, Sandalwood, oakmoss


  • Unique
  • Fresh and clean
  • Beautiful composition


  • May not appeal to younger people

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Polo Green Have A Strong Scent?

In my opinion, Polo Green is a very strong fragrance that can dominate a room if overused. Polo isn’t as powerful as it once was but is still more powerful than Blue EDT.

What Is Polo Cologne’s Shelf Life?

After a perfume is opened, it is usually recommended to use it within 30 months. In other words, you should check if your fragrance has expired after two and a half years.

Where Can I Purchase Polo Cologne?

Polo Cologne is available for purchase at department stores, online retailers, and the Ralph Lauren website.


If you are looking for the best fragrance, POLO Cologne should be at the top of your list. Its unique blend of ingredients creates a refreshing and sophisticated scent that is perfect for any occasion.

Whether you are looking for a new fragrance for yourself or as a gift for someone else, these 9 Best Polo cologne is an excellent choice that is sure to impress. So, give it a try and experience the magic of the best Polo cologne for yourself!

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