5 Best Nasomatto Fragrances Reviewed

5 Best Nasomatto Fragrances Reviewed

Nasomatto Perfume – a kind of pass to the world of luxury, pleasure, harmony, and original beauty. Slightly daring and somewhat provocative, holistic and sophisticated, these perfumes will easily become an important detail of any image. The collection was created specifically so that connoisseurs of niche perfumery can feel special and unique wherever they are.

The Best Nasomatto Perfumes are appealing to those who want to break away from traditions, conventions, and different standards. This is a delight of smell for people who value freedom of choice and broad-mindedness.

Each Nasomatto Perfume has a certain mystery and mysticism. They are all filled with a magnetic attraction. It is impossible to convey in words the whole gamut of emotions that touches the soul when a light trail of Nasomatto perfume reaches the sense of smell! But the author has conceived it this way – so that the compositions will conquer with their magic and sensuality.

Nasomatto perfumes are strikingly different from the products of other luxury and even niche brands. Once you get acquainted with these perfumes, you will not want to refuse them.

Our Top Pick of Best Nasomatto Fragrances

1. Nasomatto Duro Extrait De Parfum

Nasomatto Duro Extrait De Parfum

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The fragrance has a bold, eccentric character. It is provocative and, sensual, eccentric. His character seems, at first glance, wild and untamed. The magical power of attraction, hidden in perfume, can break free at any moment, covering it with a wave of sensual pleasure and euphoria.

Nasomatto Duro – has a bold, eccentric character, provocative, sensual, and eccentric. The composition is bright, sexy, and provocative, perceived as a symbol of unbridled passion. The perfume composition of the fragrance consists of top notes of wood, base notes of leather, and spices.

2. Nasomatto Black Afgano Extrait De Parfum

Nasomatto Black Afgano Extrait De Parfum

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An unusual fragrance was created in 2009. With an unsettling note, similar to the expectation of a sandstorm and sultry, like a golden sun rising high above the dunes. It excites the senses, awakens inspiration, and brings unusual sensations. The composition, consisting of notes of oud wood, leather, and strong coffee, will certainly attract the attention of creative, intelligent individuals who know the value of natural, high-quality perfumery.

Nasomatto Black Afgano – the fragrance expands the boundaries of creation, forcing you to perceive the world around you in a new way, giving it bright and surprisingly sharp outlines. Thanks to its universal fragrance, the fragrance is suitable for both daytime use and a romantic date. The perfume composition of this fragrance consists of notes of oud wood, leather, hemp, and coffee.

3. Nasomatto Absinth Extrait De Parfum

Nasomatto Absinth Extrait De Parfum

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A delicate yet sensual elixir filled with enchanting shades of freshness, bitterness, and multifaceted beauty indescribable in simple words. A fragrance launched in 2007 by perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri. The most recognizable shades of his work are wormwood, green accords, and vetiver.

Nasomatto Absinth – A stylish, memorable, and sophisticated composition developed by the famous perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri. Perfume with a deep and complex aroma is created based on natural ingredients.

He is wild and daring, provokes hysteria, and immediately suppresses it. The fragrance is full of dignity and elegance, but it is not devoid of lightness and grace, which allows you to use it at any time of the day. The perfume composition of the fragrance consists of notes of grass, absinthe, and vetiver.

4. Nasomatto China White Extrait De Parfum

Nasomatto China White Extrait De Parfum

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The fragrance, released in 2007, plunges into a state of shock, intoxicating and hypnotizing. The powdery-floral scent contains elements that make the wearer think about their origin when the perfume is worn. It has a deep, rich aroma based on natural ingredients.

Nasomatto China White – the fragrance was created and launched in the middle of 2008. The perfume is perfect for women over 25 and perfectly decorates any evening dress. China White was a heroin strain popular in the mid-80s and adored by many Hollywood actresses.

This fragrance was released in memory of the beautiful ladies whose youth and this powerful drug buried beauty. The perfume composition of Nasomatto China White consists of notes of exotic flowers and precious woods.

5. Nasomatto Nudiflorum Extrait De Parfum

Nasomatto Nudiflorum Extrait De Parfum

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An intimate aroma of the touch of naked human skin and a feeling of comfort, calmness, and boundless physical trust that it evokes. The perfumer prefers not to disclose notes. Released in 2018. By Alessandro Gualtieri.

The Nasomatto brand presented the unisex fragrance Nudiflorum to the sophisticated public. It so happens that the perfume composition of sophistication is surrounded by mystery. It is only known that the main accent was the note of jasmine.

This perfumery refinement’s author says this is “a perfume that envelops with an atmosphere of absolute calmness, plunges into the foggy depths of intuition, blurring the boundaries…” The sound of the fragrance is very natural, simple, and sensual. It will completely merge with your skin, giving a feeling of complete harmony.


Today, new fragrances of this series are expected with special trepidation. Nasomatto attracts connoisseurs of niche perfumes with a wide range of unique compositions. Although there are only 10 fragrances in the collection, even a very demanding and sophisticated person can find “his own” among them.

It is also noteworthy that according to the decision of Galtieri himself, the Nasomatto brand should always have ten fragrances. That is why two went under the knife when their number exceeded the upper bar and were discontinued – Hindu Grass and Nuda.

About Nasomatto Perfumes

Nasomatto can rightly be called one of the most avant-garde brands of our time, which, moreover, has become a symbol of true friendship for everyone familiar with its history.

One day, a young Italian named Alessandro, having arrived in Holland, decided to attend a perfumery course. This was a turning point in his life – there were many fragrant essences and extracts around, which he carefully studied with his friend Arteretto.

They spent many hours together, studying the creation of fragrances and composing original compositions. At first glance, an innocent hobby swallowed Alessandro headlong. Day after day, friends plunged into the magical world of smells more and more, creating more and more unusual compositions.

Friends sincerely wondered what such different people could have in common. Still, an unquenchable and sometimes even insane love for spirits tied two rebellious hearts (or rather, noses) with bonds of strong friendship.

Alessandro turned out to be an extremely talented perfumer. This could not be noted by the famous brands that publish their perfumes. The guy has been working closely with Diesel for some time, creating the best combinations.

Having wandered a bit from one perfume house to another, the young man decides that the time has come for his great discovery. Just one call from Arteretto and old friends reunite to create great art. The company has been waiting for rapid success from the first days of its existence, and now it is a true leader among niche perfume manufacturers.

At the same time, each perfume is full of originality and individuality, sometimes even surprising with its unpredictability. And having collected the entire collection, you will understand how unusual and ornate aromas are intertwined, surprising with balance and harmony. To develop such a collection line is the high creativity that the Nasomatto brand has shown to the world.

The basis of each composition is an extract of high concentration. Conquering their unusualness from the first notes, the compositions open up smoothly and majestically, merging with their owner’s or owner’s skin.

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