12 Best Hermès Perfumes That Last Long

12 Best Hermès Perfumes That Last Long

In the style of the brand’s traditions, the scents are overflowing with nobility and strength, emphasizing courage and wealth. They are designed to complement the image of the ideal man of our time. The Best Hermes Perfumes offer elegant scents for every season and gender. Thierry Hermès also offers a variety of perfume for men and women containing subtle and aromatic notes.

Chic, respectable perfumes from the first minutes captivate women with strength, perseverance, sensuality, and confidence. Hermès Perfume reminds of fair, brave knights and the return of the former romance of heroic times.

12 Best Hermes Perfumes That Last Long

DesignBest PerfumesRetailer
Hermes Terre D'hermes For Men Eau de Parfum
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Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee For Women
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Hermes Un Jardin sur le Nil For Women
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24 Faubourg Hermes For Women Eau de Parfum
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Hermes Jour d'Hermes For Women Eau de Parfum
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Hermes Terre d'Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver
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Hermes Kelly Caleche For Women Eau de Parfum
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Hermes Bel Ami For Men Eau de Toilette
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Hermes Equipage For Men Eau de Toilette
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Hermes H24 For Men Eau de Toilette
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Hermes Rose Ikebana For Women Eau de Parfum
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Hermes Twilly d'Hermes Eau Ginger Eau De Parfum
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Hermes Terre D’hermes For Men Eau de Parfum

Terre D'hermes: Best Perfume for Men

Bright, strong, truly masculine fragrance. Jean-Claude Ellena developed this perfume in 2006. The main concept when creating this fragrance was the combination of earth and air notes, the formation of their exquisite combination. Thanks to this, this scent harmonizes perfectly on men’s skin, and its owner can feel true unity with nature.

Hermes Terre D’hermes is a true classic, and there is no doubt enough to pay attention to the strict but, at the same time, very stylish and elegant bottle. It is worth noting that such a perfume composition is more suitable for mature men who prefer the appropriate style and know how to look elegant and expensive. But lovers of an active lifestyle will hardly like this fragrance, all because of its amazing lightness, softness, and warmth.

Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee For Women

Un Jardin En Mediterranee Hermes: Best For Her

The bottle has greenish hues that attract your eye with a unique play of golden sun rays. “Gardens of the Mediterranean” is like a fascinating journey through a fragrant garden filled with various deliciously selected scents.

Perfumery water is unique because it can be used for business meetings, dates, and everyday use. To start the day with a drop of Un Jardin En Mediterranee Hermes eau de toilette on your wrist, what could be more beautiful than to fill the day with music, flight, and lightness? This famous eau de toilette is created for women whose easy gait and joy of life merge with a touch of romanticism.

It is a light breeze and the sound of golden flowers. Romantic and fabulous perfumery is created for those who love to feel the taste of happiness on their lips. It is a magical and indispensable companion for a hot summer to create a feeling of cool air.

Eau de parfum gives a delightful feeling of walking in the seaside gardens of Tunisia, an easy walk through the delightful gardens leading to the shores of the beautiful sea, and all around you hear the hidden aromas of Mediterranean flowers and trees.

A dizzying and, at the same time, discreet aroma to the point of madness. An extraordinary composition of light and shadow with glimpses of the fig tree, unique mastic, reddish, great cedar intertwined with charming bergamot flowers, orange blossoms, and snow-white oleander.

“Heart,” filled with quivering floral shades, shimmering in a huge irreplaceable trail of fig leaves, majestic cedar, ennobling musk, unsurpassed cypress, and juniper, creating summer coolness and a sense of harmony of body and soul.

Hermes Un Jardin sur le Nil For Women

Hermes Un Jardin sur le Nil: Best Perfume for Women

2005 was the most successful year for perfumer Jean-Claude Ellen. Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil was released from under his hands this year. He drew inspiration for creating such a unique combination in his travels. Before finally imagining the future work, he had to travel around many picturesque corners of the world.

However, the blooming spring gardens laid out near the Nile River made the biggest and most unforgettable impression on him. It was this impression that he invested in the creation of his diamond from the world of smells. Even the name Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil speaks for itself and means a journey through the gardens of the Nile.

This fragrance has no age limit and is perfect for both a young girl and a woman in years. With him, any woman throws off her shoulders a couple of decades and becomes young and full of strength. Remember how nature changes with the advent of spring and the appearance of the first barely warm, caressing sun rays.

In spring, the world wakes up from heavy winter sleep and strives for light and warmth. The aroma of such beautiful perfumes has the same effect on people. It awakens and charges with positive energy.

Hermes Un Jardin can be compared with fresh spring air. It also intoxicates and slightly intoxicates the head with excess oxygen. It awakens your sexuality and natural charm. Like a delicate and fragile spring primrose, you make your way to the light through everyday life. The ideal time of year to use it is summer.

With this fragrance, you will bring lightness and freshness to any room. This excellent perfume acts on men like a breath of March air on cats. They begin to curl around you, not giving you a pass.

Each of them tries in every possible way to attract your attention. You have to choose from them the most attractive and cute. The impact on the opposite sex begins from the first seconds of your appearance. The strongest natural aphrodisiacs work flawlessly, and many are in these spirits.

Carrots are the first to enter the game with imagination and attraction. The berry of love tomato immediately comes to her aid, and the grapefruit and green mango duet complete the victorious procession through the minds of men. Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil’s effect is fixed with a lotus, iris, peony, orange, and reeds composition. The close interaction of passion and coolness finally intoxicates and subjugates.

24 Faubourg Hermes For Women Eau de Parfum

24 Faubourg Hermes: Best Fragrances for Ladies

Eau de toilette and perfume were created in 1995 by the French perfumer Maurice Roucel, known for many of his works. The fragrance’s name is noteworthy: it indicates the address of the main boutique in Paris. The composition of this classic-floral fragrance is created by combining rich floral notes with dry patchouli accords in one bottle.

The fragrance is reminiscent of a summer journey through the countries of the Mediterranean flooded with sunlight at the time of abundant flowering of dazzling bright white flowers, caressed by the morning rays of the sun, frantically fragrant with chords of heavenly melodies. They seem to awaken and kindle the divine sunlight within each of us. The solemn aroma suits official ceremonies, festive receptions, and joint outings.

The composition begins with bright citrus notes, softened by the sweetness of juicy peach and set off by the mute charm of beautiful hyacinth in spring. Already Hermes 24, faubourg opens its owner the door to the mysterious world of luxury and glamour, where every woman can feel like a queen.

The heart note captivates with an unsurpassed inflorescence of Tahitian gardenia, orange blossom, and intoxicating jasmine. Base notes abound with dry sandalwood accords, patchouli suddenly complemented by intense amber.

They create a passionate, fragrant, and truly royal golden train, which attracts men and reminds the chosen one of you for a long time, making his heart beat frantically, anticipating another unforgettable date.

Hermes 24, a persistent faubourg perfume that will easily find a response in the heart of every woman who wants to emphasize her femininity and sophistication, regardless of age, habits, or social status. This is one of those attributes of luxury that you can afford, and as a gift, it can bring true, genuine joy. A lively, exciting fragrance, executed in an elegant square bottle, will become a welcome decoration for the dressing table of even the most capricious beauty.

Hermes Jour d’Hermes For Women Eau de Parfum

Hermes Jour d'Hermes

In 2012, Jean-Claude Ellena, d’Hermes perfume nose, created Jour for women, a luminous bouquet of white flowers and sweet peas, the perfect representative of spring awakening. From the first seconds, it is a joyful muffled softness of green tender young leaves, but only for a moment.

It immediately gives way to citruses, blooming white flowers, and a subtle scent of peas. This light veil of them is all saturated with light, white light. This is a beautiful woody-musky perfume, clean and stylish.

Sometimes it seems that the bouquet consists of much more notes than stated; sometimes, it is impossible to isolate specific ones from them – just a huge bouquet, which is the first block of the fragrance. And the second is musk. Probably, there are several varieties of it, but they are all clean and without weight,

Hermes Jour d’Hermes is a magnificent fragrance, a soft perfume inspired by the charm of a sunny summer day, its cheerfulness and carelessness, relaxation, and bliss.

Jour d’Hermes combines notes of vibrant grapefruit, fresh rhubarb, spicy cloves, mango, sweet pea, delicate magnolia, orange blossom, sensual tuberose, gardenia, lily of the valley, gentle jasmine, musk, honey, oakmoss.

Hermes Terre d’Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver

 d'Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver

The world first heard the woody-musky perfume sound at the beginning of 2018. The magical elixir immediately attracted attention due to its refined, Fougere mood, which perfectly emphasizes the nobility and elegance of its owner.

The author of this wonderful perfume composition is Christine Nagel, a Swiss woman perfumer who, like no one else, understands how a modern, seductive, and self-confident man should smell. The perfume pyramid opens with a refreshing cocktail of tropical citrus fruits.

Their juicy accords harmoniously blend with slender, sophisticated vetiver’s classic, woody motifs. The piquant spice of overseas Chinese pepper is located in the heart of the triangle, emphasizing the special temptation of the aroma and its recognizability.

The extraordinary freshness of green bergamot puts the finishing touches on a picture of genius in its simplicity and attractiveness. Hermes Terre D’hermes Eau Intense Vetiver is both light and intense, sexy and sophisticated.

It is enough to put a couple of drops on hot skin to complete the image of a truly responsible, courageous heartthrob with excellent manners, a delightful sense of humor, and a responsible attitude to his actions.

Hermes Kelly Caleche For Women Eau de Parfum

Kelly Caleche Eau de Parfum Spray

This is a wonderful perfume; the creators have done everything possible to make such an amazing smell a true work of art. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with this amazing perfume composition. It is important to remember that during the summer and winter the colors of this fragrance lose their luxury; therefore, from an amazing and unique smell, it becomes one of the usual solutions.

But on the other hand, in autumn and spring, it reveals itself to the fullest, shining with the splendor of bright colors and as if wrapping its owner in a warm, soft, absolutely unobtrusive scarf, which, at the same time, does not lose its brightness, even with prolonged use throughout the day.

The creation of Hermes Kelly Caleche was preceded by the popularity deserved by its famous predecessor, which since 1961 has firmly taken its place in the hearts of true fashionistas. That is why its bottle vaguely resembles the shape of the previous fragrance, and its classic style only adds to its popularity.

That is why since 2007, it has remained relevant and often takes a leading position in the ratings of the most popular fragrances. Hermes Kelly Caleche is tenderness and femininity enclosed in one bottle. Therefore, one light application will be enough for its owner to be able to emphasize her attractiveness and touching charm. Importantly, such a composition would be appropriate for women of any age, and therefore, there is no doubt that.

Hermes Bel Ami For Men Eau de Toilette

Bel Ami Eau de Toilette Spray: Best Fragrance for him

This is an intensely masculine fragrance of 1986 for those representatives of the strong half of humanity who are not used to rejection and are not ready to give in to difficulties. They boldly and even boldly overcome all life’s obstacles, leaving behind surprised rivals and colleagues. They are not afraid of difficulties and petty squabbles, which cause panic and horror in some.

The Hermes Bel Ami fragrance bottle is a men’s perfume design classic. The tall rectangular bottle, familiar to the eye, is filled with an amber-gold liquid of a precious fragrance. The composition is crowned with a stylish black glossy cap, and the fragrance’s name decorates the glass.

Thus, the traditional elegance is maintained not only in the overall bouquet of fragrant notes but also in the design of the perfume. A man with such a fragrance is an example of elegance and sophisticated style, nobility and certain brutality, collected in a single bouquet.

Hermes Bel Ami is a multi-dimensional and complex fragrance that only at first glance may seem too brutal. However, the leathery-woody notes give the perfume cocktail an unsurpassed piquancy and elegance. Fragrant accords merge into one symphony of strength, courage, and masculinity, which attracts women.

The representatives of the weaker sex cannot resist the amazing magnetism and attractiveness of a man with such a scent because only he, with his inherent confidence and stability, can charm and attract even the most inaccessible charmers and coquettes. Not a single seducer and brave conqueror of life’s heights can do without Hermes Bel Ami’s fragrant support, which gives an aura of confidence, success, and peace.

Hermes Equipage For Men Eau de Toilette

Equipage Eau de Toilette Spray

This fragrance was developed in 1970 by the famous French perfumer designer Guy. This eau de toilette is based on only natural ingredients. Therefore, the perfume fits perfectly on any skin and does not cause absolutely any negative reactions.

Hermes Equipage is a fresh classic fragrance that opens to you with a citrusy combination of orange, bergamot, and aldehydes, next to which are located nutmeg, sage, and rosewood. A light, a fresh greeting is replaced by floral notes of the “heart”, where a bouquet of jasmine and May lily of the valley is composed, exalted by the spicy smells of cloves and cinnamon with nutmeg and the freshness of pine needles.

The base notes are tonka bean, vanilla, retriever, oak moss, musk, and patchouli. Compiled by Guy Robert, a subtle combination of base woody notes with the aroma of May lily of the valley shows the vulnerability of a seemingly hard male soul, and the bright freshness of citrus fruits, combined with spicy aromas, speaks of a cheerful hooligan nature. Therefore, the target audience, according to the designer, is a young modern man,

The bottle for Hermes Equipage is made in a classic rectangular shape with slightly rounded edges at the top. Thick transparent glass walls beautifully decorate the yellow perfume in the shape of a significant elongated drop.

On the glass, there is the name of the perfume, applied in black paint. A black round cap harmoniously completes the overall design composition. Buying Hermes Equipage for yourself means realizing yourself as a purposeful and self-confident man capable of accomplishing a lot in this life.

Hermes H24 For Men Eau de Toilette

H24 Eau de Toilette Spray For Men

Created by perfumer Christine Nagel, H24 fuses nature and technology with contrasting scents that embody something modern yet traditional and unique as the scent unfolds on the skin. Nagel notes about her new perfume: “I like to use natural, classic raw materials and process them using the latest technologies that give them different visualizations and textures.”

The inspiration for the creation of the fragrance was the ready-to-wear collections of the creative director of the Hermès men’s line, Veronik Nichanyan. Elegant, discreet models and relaxed silhouettes, as well as the traditions and heritage of the fashion house, are embodied in a woody-aromatic perfume with fougere notes. And the number 24 in the name is the address of the Faubourg Saint-Honoré boutique, the Parisian flagship of Hermès, which has existed since 1889.

Hermes Rose Ikebana For Women Eau de Parfum

Rose Ikebana Eau de Parfum Spray

In general, the aroma is quite spicy. You can not call this perfume uninteresting, as it carries a charge of sunny summer, positive emotions, and the most pleasant memories for everyone. Hermes Rose Ikebana fragrance is a real find for sophisticated, sensitive natures. Floral aromas bring lightness and sweetness to the perfume, which dilutes musk and tea, while fruity notes add sourness, which makes the Hermes Rose Ikebana fragrance more interesting.

In the language of flowers, this fragrance can tell that it is intended for sensitive and romantic persons, be it a man or a woman. However, the astringency of tea tree and musk indicates that a person who has chosen this fragrance for himself can, at the right moment, show strength of character and strength of mind.

The very name of the Hermes Rose Ikebana perfume speaks of the versatility of shades and aromas since Ikebana cannot be monosyllabic and uninteresting – it is always a riot of flowers, and in this case, aromatic shades. Also, this fragrance can be appropriate for romantic walks on warm summer evenings.

It will complement the unique image and create a chamber entourage, in which, it would seem, there is no one but a couple of lovers … Hermes Rose Ikebana fragrance is appropriate all year round and in cloudy autumn-spring periods and cold winter and even in hot summer.

Hermes Twilly d’Hermes Eau Ginger Eau De Parfum

Twilly d'Hermes Eau Ginger

Perfumer Christine Nagel created the woody-floral composition Twilly D’Hermes Eau Ginger for the Hermes brand. This is a classic flanker. This most open and delicate composition has an original appearance, the basis of which takes from the original product of Hermes Twilly d’Hermes.

Traditional pink peony, harmoniously combined with sweetness and sensual sourness, gives rise to a truly feminine flair. The presented perfume is completely self-sufficient, and it is simply incorrect to compare it with other representatives of this series.


The Best Hermès Perfume for Her is a confrontation between strength and grace, seasoned with luxurious elegance. Strong Hermes Perfume containing subtle, delicate notes are imbued with originality and impeccability.

About Hermes Perfumes

The history of the French house Hermes began with the “equestrian” business, namely the production of harnesses. This left an imprint on all their subsequent products. Thierry Hermès is an enterprising young man who came to Paris from Germany and founded his own company in 1837 that produced horse harnesses, the most important accessory for men in the mid-19th century.

The Thierry Hermès Perfume brand line was opened only in 1970. But the formulas for men’s fragrances, which have been worked out so long and carefully, can be called masterpieces of perfumery.

Each composition is honed over decades to present the world with a new masterpiece in perfumery. Any smell of the brand cannot be compared with anything. It is perfect in its way and unique.

The company’s activities expanded to include the production of gold and silver jewelry, accessories, watches, clothing, bags, and shoes. The first Hermes women’s clothing collection was released in 1929 but did not impress the fastidious French public much.

Hermes’ clothes remained faceless and uninteresting until Jean-Louis Dumas took over as designer, who brought the brand worldwide fame. The most famous and expensive Hermes Birkin bag was a masterpiece made of orange crocodile leather with a gold clasp, which caused a real fashion revolution.

The Hermes fashion house has a personal crocodile farm where reptiles are bred under the supervision of specialists. This is how exclusive leather goods are born. To date, its range of Hermes includes clothing for men and women, scarves, shoes, accessories, bags, jewelry made of gold and silver, watches, and a collection of perfumes.

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