12 Best Cherry Scented Perfumes For Women

12 Best Cherry Scented Perfumes For Women

Would you like to be in the spotlight and express your unique style? These 12 Best Cherry Perfumes for Women are excellent and intoxicating because of their lovely cherry-scented composition. Embrace every moment of life with Cherry Scented Perfume For Ladies.

12 Best Cherry Perfumes For Women

1. Tom Ford LOST CHERRY Unisex Eau de Parfum Spray

Tom Ford Lost Cherry - Best Cherry Scented Perfumes for Women

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Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry is a canvas of burgundy velvet, a ticket to the world of olfactory pleasures available only to the elite, the iconic smell of a closed club of true gourmets. Intoxicating, warmed by precious liquors and the dust of sunlight, cherries could not leave anyone indifferent, so the perfume instantly became a bestseller and an invincible hit that every fragrance connoisseur dreams of getting into his collection.

Tom Ford Cherry EDP for Women belongs to the collection of rare compositions of the premium level, which is called Tom Blade Private Blend. They will be released in a limited edition, which further fuels the interest of collectors and fans of the exclusive.

The fragrance turned out to be incredibly sensual and seductive. Like a gourmet dessert made to order by a chef, it elevates the senses to the heights of pleasure, allowing you to enjoy every second of your interaction with the scent.

2. Modern Muse Le Rouge Eau de Parfum Spray

Modern Muse Le Rouge - Best Perfumes with Cherry Notes

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The unique eau de toilette is a brilliant representative of oriental flower compositions. An incomparable pyramid of sophistication begins with a rather daring overflow of red currant. The motifs of this component are mixed with sweet and sincere variations of raspberry. The edition only takes seconds to get its gripping melody into your heart.

Perfume Este lauder modern mews le rouge continues jasmine’s light and seductive variations. Notes of Bulgarian rose blend perfectly with the intense riffs of the May queen of flowers. Their joint fragrant number will give the edition femininity and elegance.

Imperceptibly, we approached the final batch, which Jasmine’st elegant patchouli motifs. The incomparable shades of magnolia petals complete Jasmine’st of this piece. The unique vetiver follows them, the touch of which is distinguished by warmth.

Colorful notes of ambrette complete this stunning novelty. Of particular note is the performance of vanilla from Madagascar. Her chords charge positively and will share their excellent mood with you.

3. Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum Spray

Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum - Best Cherry Perfume for ladies

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Lolita Lempicka is known for her love of fairy tale motifs, a passion expressed in unique design and fantastic combinations of components. Eau de Parfum Lolita Lempicka was launched in 1997. For many years, the charming fragrance, like a four-leaf clover, has given its fans an unearthly charm and faith in good luck.

The composition opens with an interweaving of spicy, sweet, and fresh notes: gentle fruity chords come to the fore with the light step of a forest nymph. Their sweetness is adorned with spicy anise and citrus juiciness with a subtle fragrance of ivy.

The fresh woody scent of this creeper appears as a kind of herald of sparkling rain in the heart of spirits. In the pyramid’s center, the motif of a powdery cherry stone reigns. Alternately the cold woodiness of licorice, then with a ringing lily-of-the-valley drop, fancifully swirling and shimmering with different shades, a rosy berry cloud dissolves in the fragrance of amaryllis.

The flower petals gradually close up, carrying away iris powder and citrus splashes. The unusual “night” base of the perfume is based on the nutty tartness of tonka bean, the “warmth” of musk, and the richness of praline. The magical plume slowly crumbles into smoky vanilla sparks.

4. Delices de Cartier Eau de Toilette Spray

Delices de Cartier Eau de Toilette Spray

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If you consider yourself a bold and passionate person who is true to yourself in any situation, Cartier Delis au de Perfume is created especially for you. The subtle fruity-floral composition of Delis au de Parfum Eau de perfume envelops you in a flowing and delicately feminine scent.

The top notes represent a bergamot, cherry, and red pepper fusion. They reveal a fresh, slightly citrus aroma with a light spicy undertone, gradually becoming a woody-pepper aroma with a slight smell of smoke.

The heart notes of Eau de perfume by Cartier are woven from jasmine, violet, and freesia scents. They encompass a woman with a floral and sensual fragrance like a bundle of energy and sunlight. Like a bundle of energy and sunlight, they envelop a womJasmine a floral and sensual fragrance.

Gentle, Jasmine gives an almost imperceptible aroma of freshness and eternal spring in the heart, leaJasmineromantic flair and faith in beauty. The base accords of the fragrance are woody notes of sandalwood, tonka bean, and spicy amber, leaving behind a feeling of warmth, light, and comfort.

5. MISS DIOR Cherie Eau de Parfum Spray


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This magnificent perfume is the choice of the most stylish and sophisticated ladies who know the value of immortal fragrances. Eau de toilette “Miss Dior” is an incredible variety of scents that reveal your image in each “f the man” note.

The sophistication of the spicy flowers of bergamot and clary sage, the sophistication of gardenia, and the astringency of aldehyde shades and galbanum in the top notes of the Christian Dior Miss Dior perfume will whirl you in the dance of the most incredible fragrances.

The most delicate flowers have been carefully collected in a bouquet of heart notes: iris, carnation, jasmine, lily of the valley, neroli, narcissus, and rose are set off by the smell of orris roJasmine freshness of the meadows, and the coolness of the shady garden is always with you!

Sensuality and intrigue settled in the basic shades of Miss Dior. Traditional amber, patchouli, oak moss, and sandalwood are intertwined with leather, labdanum, and vetiver. Surrounded by their halo, you are the queen of the evening.

6. Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale Eau de Parfum Spray

Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale

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Dense and sweet, shining with the magnificence of gold and expensive incense, the aroma of the Bois (Bois) 1920 Sushi Imperial perfume opens softly, solemnly, and a little ceremoniously. The scent is soft, harmonious, and whole.

This is not a glossy poster calendar with a standard urban Tokyo and uninteresting views of Fujiyama. Still, lively, laughing, and sometimes sad faces from old engravings illustrating a thick book of instructive stories. A distinctly oriental and velvety soft eau de toilette, suitable for all seasons but especially beautiful in warm weather.

The top notes of the composition are played with citrus shades – lemon, orange, and bergamot. The heart notes of Sushi Imperiale are composed of anise-pepper, cinnamon-nut, fragrant jasmine, and rose tones. The basis of the fragrance is collected from the recognizable sweetnJasminesandalwood, the tart sensuality of patchouli, the mossy sweetness of tonka beans, and the exquisite woody-herbal dryness of vetiver. It is a wonderfully balanced, subtle, sensual, and seductively spicy fragrance.

7. Escada Cherry in the Air Eau de Parfum Spray

Escada Cherry in the Air

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Having another name among the people, “wild rose,” marshmallow has an incomparable sensual aroma. Loved by many, the”captivatin” scent of cherries is smoothly revealed by the charming tenderness of the top notes. The heart melody sounds like a delightful herbal fleur of marshmallows.

The heavenly exotic sandalwood will capture the mind with soft chords of base notes. The peaceful nature of the harmony is audible in the middle of the composition. A sophisticated symphony of woody motifs completes the design perfectly.

8. Perfume Olfactive Studio Close Up Eau de Parfum Spray

Perfume Olfactive Studio Close Up

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Working on this composition, the masters of the brand sought to convey the feeling of maximum human closeness, which is reflected in the release’s name. Perfumers immediately abandoned ​​using musks, most appropriate for recreating delicate body odors, in favor of more emotional perfume associations. So Close Up conjures a vision of an autumn morning full of the exhilarating aroma of freshly brewed coffee with thick cherry syrup, toasty spices, and light cigarette smoke.

9. Charriol Imperial Ruby Eau de Parfum Spray

Charriol Imperial Ruby

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First, it’s beautiful. Such a luxurious bottle instantly attracts the eye, and having its jewel in your possessions seems highly tempting. The fragrance glows with irrepressible energy and motivates you to straighten your back and feel how an invisible tiara crowns your hair.

Royal, ruby, red – this is how you can briefly characterize this edition. The berries here are sweet, almost liqueur, deftly, and correctly shaded by the freshness of a watermelon breeze and sparkling citrus ice floes. And yes, the cherry component plays a vital role in the sound of the perfume.

10. Parfums BDK Paris Rouge Smoking Eau de Parfum

Parfums BDK Paris Rouge Smoking

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Parfums BDK Paris Rouge Smoking” is his name, and it suits him incredibly. And here is another cherry perfume for women, which seems to be a complete antipode to the previous one. Strict, daring, constantly writhing in its modulations, like a tongue of fire, the fragrance was created to drive you crazy with its dangerous beauty.

Scents suit is a blazing symphony of passion, determination, and a confident gait on a knife edge. A classic silhouette with the most daring hue perfectly captures the scent’s essence. In this case, cherries are skillfully mixed with hot peppers.

11. Givenchy Oblique Rewind Eau de Parfum Spray

Givenchy Oblique Rewind

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The fragrance, released in 2000, appealed to all the originals and people with unconventional thinking. This oriental eau de toilette can conquer everyone, without exception, who is ready to be different from the crowd and be an example for everyone.

The top notes of Givenchy Perfume Look Rewind are bergamot, cherry, and pistachios. It was decided to choose jasmine, cashmere wood, and honey as heart notes. A pleasant combination gives warmth, and Jasmine positive energy, thanks to which you want to create something original, putting your whole soul into it.

The base notes for the look of Rewind were decided to be amber, cedar, patchouli, and sandalwood. They brought their not message originality and, like a puzzle, complemented the fragrance picture.

12. Attar Collection Khaltat Night Eau de Parfum Spray

Attar Collection Khaltat Night

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The sound of an elegant fragrance will give your look femininity and emphasize an irresistible sense of style. A tempting novelty sways measuredly in a dark blue bottle. Against this background, beautiful silvery floral patterns gracefully stand out, covering from top to bottom a beautiful garment. Its central part is marked with a small plate with the ensemble’s name.

The main body of Attar Collection Khaltat Night opens with an ensemble story of delicate vanilla that wants to merge into a single fragrant stream with unique variations of patchouli. An excellent of components, charming cinnamon, and unsurpassed musk will be ready to complete the performance of a perfect ensemble, order which you hurry up in our store.


Wild berries and cherries hint that the queen has a magical gift, which is already felt in her scorching cold aura. As if mesmerized by the frighteningly perfect beauty of the Best Cherry Scented Perfumes for women, the audience of the olfactory performance will never forget it.

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