10 Best Carolina Herrera Perfumes For Women

10 Best Carolina Herrera Perfumes For Women

Find out about the Best Carolina Herrera Perfumes For Her, and you’ll be able to stand out confidently in the crowd. Carolina Herrera is one of the most recognized perfume brands in the world, and today we’ll take you to discover the Top 10 Carolina Herrera Fragrances that will delight your mood and keep you feel confident in the crowd.

The Best Carolina Herrera Perfumes For Women are known for their unique aroma, which draws everyone’s attention and makes you feel safe and confident. We have compiled a list of the Best Carolina Herrera Perfumes to help you choose the perfect one.

10 Best Carolina Herrera Perfumes for Women

1. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum

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With its sexy oriental motifs and a wave of exciting sensations, Carolina Herrera Good Girl is an exquisite fragrance for women. The distinctive bottle design of the Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume combines dark and light elements.

In her own words, the creator says: “It was inspired by an interview my mother gave, in which she said that mystery was one of the most important qualities a woman could have, and there was nothing more boring than an open book.” The result is a heady and powerful scent with a kaleidoscopic olfactory spectrum. Choose the right shoes for you and conquer the world! That’s where it began.

Top NotesBergamot, Lemon, Coffee, Almond
Middle NotesTuberose, Orris, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine Sambac
Base NotesMusk, Sandalwood, Amber, Cashmere Wood, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Cedar, Tonka Bean, Cacao, Vanilla, Praline
Great For Autumn & WinterBottle Design
Good for PartiesGeneric Notes
Sweet, Floral, HeadyNauseating Effect

2. Carolina Herrera 212 For Women Eau De Toilette

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Carolina Herrera 212 is the rhythm of the big city. Classic – 212 is the telephone code for New York, and the fragrance “212” represents its current pace. People are always rushing about, hurrying about their business.

A city where life and movement do not pause for a minute, where everyone feels at the same time a grain of sand in a vast outer space and a precious pearl in their inner worldview. A primitive conceptual reflection of modern life is the juxtaposition of several accents simultaneously, the combination of the incompatible.

Top NotesOrange Blossom, Cactus Flower, Bergamot, Mandarin Orange
Middle NotesLily, Freesia, Jasmine, Gardenia, White Camelia, Lily-of-the-valley, rose, peony
Base NotesMusk, Sandalwood
Great SmellBottle Design
Good for Day-wearNot suitable for Evening
Elegant and clean scentStrong scent

3. Carolina Herrera CH For Women Eau De Parfum

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A floral-oriental fragrance created by Olivier Cresp with Carolina Herrera, CH opens with citrus fruits: orange and grapefruit, combined with melon, rose, and jasmine. To match the fragrance, the bottle is bright and original, covered in red leather, and decorated with the CH logo on a red ribbon.

In collaboration with Rosendo Mateu and Carolina Adriana Herrera, Carolina Herrera CH is a beautiful fragrance that will become the centerpiece of your perfume collection.

Top NotesLemon, Bergamot, Grapefruit
Middle NotesOrange Blossom, Jasmine, Rose
Base NotesLeather, Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk, Patchouli, Praline
Good For Spring SeasonLongevity
Classy FragranceBitter in Winter
Calm ScentNot for those who dislike Leather notes

4. Carolina Herrera 212 Vip For Women Eau De Parfum

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A very sophisticated fragrance, the Carolina Herrera 212 VIP tells the story of seduction, sensuality, and unpredictability in a modern metropolis – inspiring your dreams. With floral-citrus nuances and sandalwood-musky shades, this fragrance reflects the essence of a person who can accomplish whatever he wants. An infusion of orange and camellia, gardenia and lily, mandarin and bergamot, and musk and sandalwood compose Carolina Herrera 212 VIP’s luxurious aroma.

Top NotesPassionfruit, Rum
Middle NotesGardenia, Musk
Base NotesVanilla, Tonka Bean
Good SilageNot Suitable for Evening
Long-LastingNot Much Progressive
Perfect for DaywearExcessively Sweet Scent

5. Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rose Eau De Parfum

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A fragrance dedicated to New Yorkers and influenced by the vibrant rhythm of the city and the charm of its residents, Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rose reflects the rhythm and charm of New Yorkers.

With its elegant, sophisticated sound and light multifaceted shades, 212 VIP Rose belongs to the floral-fruity fragrance family. Its feminine and sensual fragrance emphasizes the owner’s femininity and sensuality. The composition contains notes of pink champagne surrounded by woody accords and hints of peach blossoms.

Top NotesPink Pepper, Champagne Rose
Middle NotesPeach Blossom, Rose
Base NotesWhite Musk, Woody Notes
Good for EveningwearWarm and Sweet
Fresh FloralPink Pepper scent
Long LastingUnnoticeable

6. Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Eau De Parfum

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There are always too many shoes, whether you are a good girl or a bad girl. Her Very Good Girl Eau De Parfum is a fruity-floral fragrance that adds to the legendary Good Girl stiletto collection. Louise Turner designed this composition with her eminent expertise.

The idea of the fragrance is refined beauty, passion, and intelligence. Thus, a bright red with a black “boat” on a gold stiletto heel will become your desired and worthy replenishment. The fragrance is woven with incredible beauty, featuring redcurrant, tropical accents of lychee, rose, silky, creamy powder, and elegant vanilla with discreet vetiver.

Top NotesRed Currant, Litchi
Middle NotesRose
Base NotesVanilla, Vetiver
LongevityBottle Design
Soft Smooth ScentHeavy Rose
For All SeasonsSlightly Sour

7. Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Eau De Parfum

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Carolina Herrera 212 SEXY is a sexy and stylish fragrance that begins with fresh notes that evoke sensuality and sexuality. It’s sparkling and joyful, very seductive, yet gentle and sophisticated at the same time. Carolina Herrera 212 SEXY is a fragrance based on calm confidence and thrilling seduction. The essence of Carolina Herrera 212 SEXY is freedom and individuality.

Top NotesBergamot, Mandarin Orange, Pink Pepper
Middle NotesRose, Gardenia, Cotton Candy, Pelargonium
Base NotesVanilla, Musk, Sandalwood, Caramel, Violet, Patchouli
Musky FragranceToo Sweet
LongevityPink Pepper
Soft and SensualLightly soapy scent

8. Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera Eau De Parfum

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Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera is a limited edition fragrance that will join the exclusive Herrera Confidential collection. Carolina Herrera’s original composition was created in 1988, and this new edition has been reimagined by Carlos Benam, the perfumer who created the original formula.

Its floral composition embodies the house’s fundamental values – elegance, style, femininity – with a vital role played by tuberose and jasmine absolutes.

Top NotesOrange Blossom, Green Notes, Brazilian Rosewood, Bergamot, Apricot
Middle NotesJasmine, Indian Tuberose, Honeysuckle, Narcissus, Hyacinth, Lily-of-the-valley
Base NotesMusk, Oakmoss, Amber, Cedar, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Civet
Classic 80s 90s PerfumeOld-Fashioned for Some
Long-LastingNot suitable for everyday wear
Perfect for Special OcassionsOverpowering

9. Carolina Herrera Amber Desire Eau De Parfum

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The perfume “Amber Desire” from Carolina Herrera is a feminine, oriental amber fragrance that is subtle, silky, and slightly sly. The stylish amber perfume was created at the turn of the 20th century. It has been used as a basis for many classic fragrances since then. The perfume “Amber Desire” is a flanker of the 1983 fragrance.

A new, updated, and modern version of the perfume was created after the fashion house returned to the theme of amber after more than twenty years. With a heady aroma of aristocratic amber and a silky-spicy aroma of rose, elegant, sweetish vanilla, delicate scent of ripe dates, and herbaceous-balsamic accents of labdanum, this composition combines heady notes of refined aristocratic amber, rose, and silky-spicy aromas. Ultimately, this perfume is an aromatic interpretation of a classic fragrance that is clean, bright, and powerful.

Notes: Amber, Dates, Vanilla, Rose, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Ylang-Ylang, Labdanum

10. Carolina Herrera 212 Heroes Forever Young Eau De Parfum

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Carolina Herrera always offers a distinctive and quick-memorable fragrance to connoisseurs, and they are renowned worldwide for their persistence and intensity. Carolina Herrera 212 Heroes Forever Young For Her is a perfume composition for brave individuals who live active life and are always on trend.

With its floral-fruity accords that encourage confidence, charisma, and sensuality in the female body, this perfumery tribute to youth and modernity pleasantly penetrates the body. A skateboard-shaped designer bottle awaits the perfume’s wearer, emphasizing the composition’s character and wearer. Have fun!

Top NotesRaspberry, Mandarin Orange
Middle NotesJasmine, Orange Blossom
Base NotesCedar, Sandalwood

About Carolina Herrera Perfume Brand

The American fashion brand Carolina Herrera is the result of the work of the talented Carolina Herrera, born in 1939 in Venezuela’s capital, Caracas. Due to her wealthy parents, she moved into high circles and quickly became an icon of style. Millions of girls around the world envied her look, her style of dress, and every appearance she made could not go unnoticed.

The Herrera family moved to New York in 1980, where Carolina Herrera started her own company, Carolina Herrera Limited New York. Her close friend Diana Vreeland, an American Vogue editor, inspired her to design her first collection.

Featuring 20 dresses, Carolina created the debut collection based on sketches she made back in Caracas. The show occurred at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Club and was endorsed by several influential publications.

In 1986, Jacqueline Kennedy asked Carolina Herrera to design a wedding dress for Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy.

Its elegant silhouettes, simple designs, and adherence to classical traditions have made Carolina Herrera recognizable and well-known far beyond New York City. Its signature invention – polka dots on plain fabric – is still a big hit.

Her outfits have been at the pinnacle of fame for a long time, and the most affluent women prefer them. She emphasized the high status of her owners and the refined, perfect taste of her owners.

In the past, Carolina Herrera has dressed celebrities such as Princess Diana, Nancy Reagan, Estee Lauder, Marla Trump, Michelle Obama, Renee Zellweger, Taylor Swift, January Jones, Lucy Liu, and Sandra Bullock.

Under the Carolina Herrera brand, exclusive sunglasses and frames, leather goods, luxury women’s clothing and shoes, jewelry, and accessories are produced, as well as perfumes. Carolina Herrera’s qualities are light fabrics, expensive jewelry, spectacular details, original styles, exciting draperies, elegance, femininity, sensual luxury, and noble chic.

Two daughters followed in their mother’s footsteps – Patricia Lansing and Carolina Adriana – who have continuously participated in developing new collections since 2011. The Carolina Herrera House of Fragrances division is led by Carolina Jr., responsible for creating fragrances for the company.

Like many fashion designers, Carolina Herrera gave her models their distinctive fragrances. This is why the Fashion House has changed direction to become precisely fragrant.

During the late 1980s, Spanish company Puig acquired the license to manufacture and distribute Carolina Herrera perfumes. The debut fragrance, named after Carolina Herrera’s creator, debuted in 1987 and became an instant success.

As her founder recalls, the aroma of blooming jasmine filled her childhood bedroom and enveloped the entire space with a rich, bright aroma. It is noteworthy that these perfumes are still produced today. Carolina Herrera released her first male fragrance in 1991, Carolina Herrera for Men, which belongs to the floral woody-musky family.

A perfume named Carolina Herrera 212 was released in 1997 and developed with the help of Herrera’s daughter Carolina Adriana (Carolina Adriana). A telephone code for Manhattan appears on the bottle and packaging, and the contents reflect how modern women perceive fashion. A sequel to the legendary perfume has been available since 1999: 212 Men, 212 Sexy, 212 Sexy Men.

There are more than 120 unique perfumes in Carolina Herrera’s fragrance collection. At different times, creative and sensitive perfumers like Carlos Benaim, Clement Gavarri, Alberto Morillas, Anne Flipo, Dominique Ropion, and others have collaborated on compositions. Under license from Puig Beauty, Carolina has created exquisite perfumes based on jasmine and tuberose.

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